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About Dana

I was a busy attorney with a flourishing law practice when my daughter was born in 2008.  Like many—okay, all—new parents, I was hardly prepared for the ways in which parenthood would change my world, and I certainly didn’t suspect that when I purchased my first digital SLR to capture my daughter’s growth that I would soon be embarking upon a new career.

I quickly become frustrated when the photos my camera produced failed to live up to my artistic vision.  Realizing my camera wasn’t going to take the types of images I envisioned on its own, I set out to learn as much as possible about photography, dedicating countless hours to learning and practicing, and traveling around the country to attend workshops taught by my favorite professionals.  In the process, I discovered not only a passion for photography, but, more importantly, a genuine love of capturing children in their everyday lives.  Above all else, I love working with children, and believe that connecting with them is my greatest talent.

In 2012, now the mother of two young children born just over a year apart, I left my 10-year-old law practice behind.  While one wouldn’t normally consider the practice of law particularly helpful to a creative endeavor like photography, no doubt my background allows me to bring a professional, detail oriented approach to both business and art.

I am beyond fortunate to do what I do, and I thank you for considering Dana Kelly Photography to photograph your family.